Open in Editor Not Working Properly


Open in Editor Not Working Properly
Some clips of mine, I can send to editor (after I've initially sent those clips to an Audio File Project). One clip in particular, I cannot seem to send to editor, and a) I don't understand why that would be, and b) what I should do about it.
The particular clip has some peculiar things about it: when I look at its item properties, I notice that Aud Rate is 48000.3 Hz, whereas the clips that work have the usual 48 KHz rate. It is marked "(sent)".
When I control click on the clip and select 'Open In Editor', QuickTime Player launches. In other words, it doesn't go over to StPro.
The clip is a linked clip with original video linked with original audio (SOT).
My work around has been to toggle the clip overlays and deal with the red rubber bands, but I'm concerned that the weird sample rate will hang me up down the road.
Any thoughts on how to correct my problem?
Highlite the clip in the timeline, control click on it and choose "send to soundtrack as an audio file project" in the pop up menu. Don't do an "open with editor". This should work.
If it doesn't and it's just the one clip, you could launch Soundtrack and then open that clip as an audio project . . . don't do a open with editor, just open it directly. Make your adjustment and save over writing the file with the new audio. You may want to copy the clip first as a backup. When you open your FCP project, you'll have to re-link the clip. Once you do it will show up with the new sound.
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