Oracle License schemes


Oracle License schemes
We are using oracle software for there any licensing scheme for oracle for development?.How many user can use the database?.
Please send license scheme details.
Thanks & Regards
Cyril J Britto
Oracle Database or for that matter any Oracle technology products are licensed using 2 metrics
1) Named user plus
2) Processor(CPU)
Named user plus can be used when the number of users accesing the database can be easily identified or counted.
Processor based licensing is done when there are unlimited number of user accessing the database /application
eg: Internet based application where a count on the number of users is not possible.
If one has valid license's and is under proper support from Oracle one NEED NOT pay extra for the new versions that are released by Oracle.
Hence you should ensure that the licenses are renewed year on year so that you are eligilble for updates/ upgrade as an when released by Oracle.
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