Order of reading Validations and substitutions


Order of reading Validations and substitutions
Hi Experts
Would I be correct in my thinking that the order in which the system reads these are: -
FI Validations
FI Substitutions
CO Validations
CO Substitutions.
Please assist techies.
Thank you in advance.
Hi Dawn,
I agree with you... In my opinion thats the order in which system reads...
take a simple eg:
1. You want to check Bus Areas for Certain bank related GL accounts, say, Bank Charges acount... ...you control this via Validation if more than 2 Bus Areas or by Substituion if you want to specify one single bus area for the bank a/c.
2. Once Bus Area is defaulted, now assume you want to specify PC based on Bus Area.. you will now call for a substitution based on the validated data...
3. based on this substituted data, you can call for a default CO object from OKB9, which is sort of CO substitution
Ajay M
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