OSB proxy service Calling OSB proxy service from BPEL


OSB proxy service Calling OSB proxy service from BPEL
Dear team,
Wehave a requirement to call a Wsdl based OSB proxy service with sb protocol from SOA Composite from BPEL process.
We created a wsdl based OSB proxyservice with sb protocol and deployed to OSB development server.
We tried to export the wsdl and corresponding xsd files. sbconfig.jar got created.
When we extracted the sbconfig file and placed the wsdl and xsd into the SOA composite.
When we are trying to create a partnerlink, that OSB proxy service wsdl is not showing up.
Please suggest.
How to call OSB proxy service from BPEL..
Here either you need to change the protocol from 'sb' to http or use the Direct Binding in soa-composite.
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