Policy-based forwarding


Policy-based forwarding
I'm not familiar with the IronPort ESA configuration at all. Just the concepts of what it does. However, I need to configure one for another appliance I'm installing. I need to be able to choose where to forward mails based on either the port that it connects on or the incoming IP address.
I've been trying to understand the ESA config guide (using version 7.0.1) to figure out how to configure this and here's all I have so far:
I can't receive mail on 2 different ports on the same interface
Something about HATs
Can someone break it down for me please? I'm seeing a lot of options.
it is possible to configure more then one listener on one interface. They just need to be configured on different ports. So you can receive emails on the same interface with different ports. E.g. port 25 and port 26. Since the standard port for SMTP is 25, sending servers need to know that the appliance is listening as well on 26. So configuring different ports then port 25 would only make sense for particular servers/clients.
When you need to forward mails based on the interface they are connecting to you can make the use of content filters. In a content filter you can add a condition "Receiving Listener" and as action select for instance "Send to Alternate Destination Host", depending on where you need to forward email.
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