Port forwarding issue on Homehub 3.0 Type A


Port forwarding issue on Homehub 3.0 Type A
I'm trying to port forward both Minecraft and Black Ops 2. Everything works alright up until I try and actually forward it to my desktop.
When I press 'Add' or 'Apply' either in the port forwarding section or home network section it changes Minecraft to PalTalk and Black Ops 2 to BT Homesafe Camera. I can't find any information on this specific issue but if anyone can help I would much appreciate it.
Another thing to mention is that when I try and forward Minecraft and it changes to PalTalk both are removed from the drop-down list of selectable things to prot forward. I use the PFPortChecker program from portforward to check and it's saying that the ports are closed.
Thanks for all your suggestions and help. I had sorta the same problems on an old 2.0 hub (the one where once you deleted a rule you had reset all settings to reassign it).
I managed to get Minecraft portforwarded... I have no idea how. I was mostly absorbed in my thoughts of "What dumba** at BT actually let this product go through testing if they even do any testing on their modem/routers to begin with?"
So I managed to get the original PalTalk rule deleted o.O. I'm doing the same for Black Ops now so hopefully I can recreate the steps. When I click edit on the Black Ops rule it brings me in to the BT Homesafe Camera rules. After editing this and changing the name form BT Homesafe Camera to BT Black Ops 2 I applied it and instead of editing the rule, it added a new rule. So now I had Black Ops 2, BT Black Ops 2 and Minecraft in my user-defined options. I deleted the one called Black Ops 2 and it instead deleted BT Black Ops 2. And now it works. Also the BT Homesafe Camera original rule is now gone and now it's time to make a back-up if ever it screws up again.
So that's weird but thanks a lot for your help and I hope my poorly written paragraph helps others that might be having the same issue
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