Project time tracking application recommendations?


Project time tracking application recommendations?
Hi all,
I'm a freelance worker and am having trouble finding the right time-tracking and project management software "for me."
I'm using Adobe Klok, whose interface and layout I really like, but as it's based on a web app, it's a little cumbersome to use (I like using more keyboard shortcuts and having a more flexible interface).
The dream feature I'm hoping exists out there is something that lets me activate the program with a keystroke (like Spotlight or Quicksilver) to just type in text in order to update whatever I'm doing. I often switch what I'm doing every 10-15 minutes, and updating Klok on what exactly this is so often is irritating and hard to stay up on.
Anyone have any recommendations?
You should find several such applications by searching at VersionTracker or MacUpdate.
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