Quicktime player screen recording prefs


Quicktime player screen recording prefs
Since the upgrade to Mavericks I noticed the screen recording file size has increased by a factor of at least 5.
In the Lion, I had the option to set the Quality from High to Medium, that option is missing now from the Screen Recording drop down options.
Looking at previous screen captures, I saw it used about 2.5 FPS, whereas now it uses about 60 FPS. That is most probably what's making the file size so big.
Is there any way to tweak those options, especially FPS but also the Sound (I need Mono and the default is Stereo).
I can't help but wonder why they even botherd making the video recording software if they diidn't include audio .
I tend to consider such features add-ons because to appeal to novice users because the features are incomplete as far as functonality is concerned or too dependent on the CPU power of the platform on which it is used. This is why I tend to use dedicated import and/or screen capture applications. Normally, I would recommend using an app like Snapz Pro X from Ambrosia ($69) but they too are having problems updating or replacing their audio "kernel extension" following system audio changes made in the Lion OS release. ScreenFlow ($99) is another good screen capture app but it includes a number of editing features that many users do not want or for which they are not willing to pay such a high price. I personally amd looking at what, for me, is a new app listed in an article URL posted by QTKirk. The app is called Screenflick and lists for $29. I am interested in it because they claim you can tap into user events like key presses (e.g., use of keyboart shortcuts) and highlight/include them in your captures. (I.e., this would be very handy for the makie of "quickie" tutorials.) In any event, I have not tried this app so I can't yet recommend it based on personal use... but it might be worthing looking at if you plan to purchase such a utility. (And yes, it does claim to support the audio capture of both system audio and/or a user selectable mic source.)
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