SAP CPS Security Permissions


SAP CPS Security Permissions
Dear All,
I checked our Netweaver log and find following messages:
User XXXX does not have AccessSchedulerBusiness permission: No authorization
Category: /Applications/Scheduler
Username | ACCESS.ERROR | null | | Permission=[( business)]
Category: /System/Security/Audit
(Username =my Username)
These are my userroles in SAP Netweaver UME:
  scheduler-user Einfacher Zugriff, sieht keine Objekte, Ist Basis für andere Rollen. UME-Datenbank
  scheduler-isolation-administrator Create/Edit/Delete Isolation Groups and add users to these UME-Datenbank
  scheduler-administrator Kann alle Aktionen im SAP CPS ausführen UME-Datenbank
and here my userroles in SAP CPS
Redwood System     Administrator     
Redwood System     BAG:9:F:Scheduler_Manager
Redwood System     scheduler administrator     
Redwood System     scheduler user     
Redwood System     BAG:1:F:Scheduler_Manager_Isolation     
Redwood System     scheduler isolation administrator     
Redwood System     scheduler_administrator
Redwood System     scheduler it user     
We use SAP CPS Build: M33.42-54458
Anyone an idea?
Kind regards
"User XXXX does not have AccessSchedulerBusiness permission: No authorization"
"Username | ACCESS.ERROR | null | | Permission=[( business)]"
Errors such as the above normal and should not be any reason for concern. CPS has support for many more SAP standard roles now and in this situation CPS asks the UME if the user has these roles, the NW Java UME then logs a message if the user does not have the requested roles. This error is specifically logged when the user has no business user permissions.
You can ignore these default trace entries. These standard roles are part of CPS, but they do NOT show in the CPS UI until you have assigned them in the UME to a user and that user has logged into CPS.
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