Saving MS Word 2010 documents in Windows 8.1


Saving MS Word 2010 documents in Windows 8.1
I am trying to save a document and every time I try, the application just stalls.
The steps I follow are:
Click File
Click Save As
A little circle appears, like the hourglass in previous versions (the good ones...) of Windows
I wait ...and wait...and wait...
In the end I use Task Manager to close the MS Word 2010 application.
When it restarts my documents appear in the Document Recovery pane.
I have tried shutting the computer down and restarting, even turning the machine completely off. It makes no difference.
I am running Windows 8.1, application MS Word 2010 on a HP Pavilion 23-a200a (3.70 GHz processor and 4.00GB RAM)
there is some OP report after Windows update Dec 2014 Word stop responding ( I cant confirm if this is also related to your issue) its because security update for Office maybe conflict with the active-x that you are installed
for manual procedure try to:
Close Word
Start Windows Explorer
Select your system drive (usually C:)
Use the Search box to search for *.exd
Delete all the files it finds.
Start Word again
Open that file and save it, and try open at Windows 7
This also will be solved by KB3025036
to get more detail about this issue, I suggest also contact Office forum
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