Screen shuts off


Screen shuts off
Can someone please help me? I have a toshiba satelitte M45-s165 and for a couple of weeks I had been having trouble with it wanting to start up in bios screen so I created a boot disk which seemed to work but the other day while I was working it suddenly went blank, even after rebooting I get the start up screen then it imediatly goes blank again. I cant even put in the reformat disk since the screen doesnt stay on long enough for me to even choose any options. The computer stays on but the screen/monitor shuts off,does anyone have any suggestions???
To add to that, if the ON/OFF light stays on, then it doesn't indicate a power problem.  So try an external monitor as suggested, with the Fn+F5 key to switch displays.  If the monitor works, then it indicates the internal display is bad.
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