Standard and Pro versions compatible with Windows 7


Standard and Pro versions compatible with Windows 7
I am looking for a list of Adobe Acrobat Standard and Adobe Acrobat Pro that are compatible with Windows 7. We are upgrading over 1000 computers to Windows 7 and we have many different versions of Adobe Acrobat writer Stndard and Pro.
There are also issues with 32 vs 64-bit systems. The latter requires updating your version in general. Generally the initial releases have not worked in the 54-bit environment. There are many driver issues with 64-bit systems and probably should look carefully if 64-bits are needed. The 64-bit system is useful if you are computationally focused, but may not be much of an advantage in standard office environments. Just be careful. If you are installing OFFICE 2010, then you need AAX for PDF Maker compatibility -- prior versions of Acrobat only allow printing from the OFFICE 2010 suite. Some folks have been successful with AA8 on 32-bit Win7 (I have only seen 1 post that would suggest success with 64-bit Win7). Prior versions of Acrobat can be made to work on 32-bit Win7 systems, but require work arounds (i.e., the AcroTray tool that automates the conversion to PDF process fails in Win7). The 64-bit system will probably fail for most of the earlier versions in such cases.
Realize that you may have to deal with Win8 shortly that has it's own issues.
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