Stuck on apple logo


Stuck on apple logo
Facebook goofed this up. The new Facebook app wouldn't start. I deleted it and now the phone just gets stuck on the Apple logo. Wouldn't reboot. Tried resetting and it got stuck on the Apple logo. Same thing trying to get it into recovery mode.
Facebook stalled. I restarted the phone and deleted Facebook as well as killing all the other apps in the app tray. The problem came when I tried to restart the phone after that. I tried reseting. Plugged it in. Tried getting it into restore mode on iTunes. Just let it sit on iTunes for a while. Finally plugged it in to a wall charger again, took a shower, and was about to try iTunes again but when I removed it from the wall charger it started up. FWW, I had 98% battery going in to this. I don't know exactly what got it working again but it is now.
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