The White Box


The White Box
I have Flash Player 9 installed on my XP operating system. I
also have a website that I designed with the "Yahoo Sitebuilder". I
have been trying to incorperate Flash Player 9 into my website with
no success. I followed the instructions from both the Flash Player
and the Sitebuilder. I copied the HTML code, pasted it into the
home page of the sitebuilder and published as directed. Each time a
"White Box" appeared on the website with no activity. Yahoo tech
support says that the problem is the HTML code has to be edited
because the code the Flash Player is generating is causing the
flash not to work on the site.
Does anyone have any suggestions to help solve this problem?
Or:  Window -> Properties -> Properties -> select size and make your adjustment. Oh also, ctrl-F3.
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