Third Party Process (PR through Sales Order)


Third Party Process (PR through Sales Order)
Hi all,
I have to configure the third party scenario (PR through Sales order) for one of my client.
So can anybody tell me what are all pre-requisite / settings from the configuration point of view as well as from the transaction point of view.
here is some stuff regarding third party purchasing,
may be it will use ful,
u2022     The item category group (BANS) in the sales:sales screen of the material master controls whether or not the material will always be a third party material.  In this case, the item category in the sales order will be defaulted to u201CTAS.u201D   If the material is also procured internally, then the item category group can be set to u201CNORM,u201D and the material can still be used for third-party processing if desired.
u2022     The item category in the sales order (TAS) informs the system that      procurement data must be maintained for the order.  In addition, this item  category results in a purchase requisition being automatically created with its item   category defaulted (S).
u2022     The purchase requisition is created as a result of a sales order.  For each schedule line (quantities for sales orders broken up by dates of delivery), a purchase requisition item is created, provided that the item category on the
sales order is u201CTASu201D for third-party.  The purchase requisitions created can
be viewed and even edited from the schedule line screen (Edit-
Procurement  Details).
u2022     Changes in quantities, dates and account assignments in the purchase order result in the automatic changing of the sales order.
u2022     A desired vendor (informational field) can be specified in the sales order in the procurement data for the order.  In addition, a fixed vendor may be assigned in this data if known at the time of the sales order. This then becomes the supplier for the third-party items. If the vendor is not specified in the sales order, the purchase requisition goes through the normal source determination.
u2022     The account assignment in the purchase requisition can be either the sales order (C), or aux. account assignments (X). 
u2022     Once created, the third-party purchase requisition follows normal
purchasing procedures.
u2022     Customer delivery information is copied onto the purchase requisition from the sales procurement data.
u2022     If you create delivery schedules or change quantities during the purchasing process, these automatically get copied back to the schedule lines on the
sales order.
The goods receipt indicator can be found in the purchase requisition which can be edited from the sales order (Click on Item line- Hit Schedule Lines button -Hit Purchase Requisition Button).  This indicator determines whether or not the customeru2019s goods receipts are monitored.  When the indicator is off, invoice verification is done against the purchase order quantity, and the delivery of goods to the customer is not input into the system
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