Thumbnails aren't showing in Bridge


Thumbnails aren't showing in Bridge
About a week ago, my Bridge changed and now doesn't show thumbnails and the file icons are all spread out and are taking up a lot of space.  Did I perhaps accidently hit a hot button that changed the view?  I have searched for a way to get it back, but don't see anything.  Now I'm wondering if the installation might be corrupted.
Does anybody know if this senario resembles a window or view setup that might have gotten activated?  Or, if it is likely that something has become corrupted, can I reinstall Bridge without reinstalling my entire CS3 suite?
I've attached a screen shot of what it looks like now.  This view used to show about 8 folders toward the top of the area, with superimposed images of what was in them, and then thumbnails of a ton of image files below them in the same folder.
Well, I tried that earlier to no avail.  However, twenty minutes after I posted my question I found another discussion that suggested something to try and just now got a chance to try it.  I held down "control" as I booted Bridge and selected all the options presented for clearing preferences and returning to default settings.  It now works again just fine.  Some kind of preference corruption, I guess.
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