Transfer table data through DB Link


Transfer table data through DB Link
Hi, hope somebody can help me with this one.
I have got two oracle servers (one is v.8 and the other v.9i)and i want to transfer a table (structure + data) from the v.8 one to the other. Let4s assume that i am issuing SQL commands from the TARGET (v.9i) server. I have an DB Link already pointing to the tablespace on the source server so reading from the source table is not a problem, in fact, it works quick and nicely with commands like:
FROM [email protected]_to_Remote_DB
The problem starts when i try to transfer a table with a LONG column in its structure. It gives me an ORA-00600 Oracle Internal Error. It doesn4t look good at all. Should i assume that someone else have already tried this with no problems, and, thus, consider that this is an Oracle bug? Anyway... could i transfer this table using a DB Link at all? Any other suggestions?
Thanks a lot in advance
I don't think it's possible to trasfer long data through a DB link. It's an Oracle restriction.
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