UDFs in Marketting Documents


UDFs in Marketting Documents
When I add an UDF in the Marketting Documents -> Row/Title it appears in all the marketting related documents.
How can I add it only for say AR Invoice.
I tried defining Category for the user defined fields. But then I will have to do it for all the documents one by one seperately as this category definitions are not available when I go to the next document type.
How shall I handle this ?
Thanx in advance.
With Regards,
Hi Ram,
The UDF is correctly designed to apply to apply to all marketing documents in the event that say you start using the field in a sales quotation the informations will automatically carry forward to the sales orders, an automatically created purchase order and A/R Invoice etc.
For your issue you simply need to adjust the form settings in all documents where you will not be using the field.
It's a little work but just the way it is!
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