Where are my folders?


Where are my folders?
Long time LR user and pro photographer, so rather confused about this aa I should know what is happening.
Just updated from 3 from 5 (skipped 4).
Imported new cards (2 separate jobs) into LR, as per normal. Even edited one of the shoots. The files are still (thank god) still on my HD(s), where they should be, but LR is not showing them. One job is in a parent folder created before I upgraded to 5 (I use a similar "bucket" structure to Peter Krogh's workflow), the other in a new parent folder created since upgrading.
Wondering if I've missed some setting in Prefernces or......??
Anyone else had this problem, thoughts where I'm missing something.
Ugg, bummer. I use the XMP sidecar, so if I have to re-import I get my changes back in.
Try a clean catalog and see if you run in to the same issue. Could be a LR3 > LR5 deal. I've seen a few other folks experiencing various problems skipping 4. If nothing else, it might tell if it's your system or just the catalog.
Good luck.
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