WinXP pauses at splash screen on bootup


WinXP pauses at splash screen on bootup
Just built a new system with a KT3Ultra2 and Athlon 1700. Installed XP Pro and all associared drivers for sound, video, etc. All runs fine except for an annoying pause on bootup at the WinXP splash screen. The pause lasts for approx 15sec. I have loaded numerous XP systems prior to this but haven't seen this before. It is similar to the old Win98 pause if you had a network card but didn't have a static IP defined.  Anyone have any idea what this might be?  Jeff..
reorders your boot drivers at start up micro slop make it
gives you graphs of what loaded,how long it took etc and will optomise via a few reboots layout on disk of start up,good for spotting a hanging driver have it to d/l its free
its bootvis sorry not boovis
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